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  Study in Australia
Why Australia?
Australia is one of the most preferred destination of Indian students to pursue higher education. Australian institutions have gained international recognition for providing world-class education Australian educational institutions are particularly geared to meet the needs are of Asian students. This is due to government policies and initiatives that contain a strong commitment and geographical focus on Asia.
One of the defining characteristics of Australia’s higher education sector over the past decade has been the introduction of government reviews of au universities to ensure that institutions meet internationally benchmarked levels of quality. This annual reviews support the Australian Government’s vision to create a system that is truly world-class in the provision o quality education.
General Information:
Australia is the world’s sixth largest country, and also the smallest continent. Most Australians are of European, mainly of British Origin, and in the past 50 years over five million people from other countries have settled down here. It’s small population (Australia is bigger than India in terms of area but population is only 2 crore – less than Mumbai!!) and rich natural resources have ensured high standard of living for its people.
Australia has one of the world’s biggest mining industries. Bauxite, coal, copper, gold and iron are mined and exported, especially to Japan. Service industries, particularly tourism is growing fast
Australia consists of six states and two territories. It has a multi-party democracy with strong political and trade links with USA, Europe and Asia.
Australia is having major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and Hobart etc.
Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, Australia. Covering an area of 7,280 kms and it is home to 32 million (32 lack) people from diverse backgrounds and interests. Melbourne is a great city, noted for it’s diversity and sophistication.
Melbourne enjoys short cool winters (temperature 6-14 oC) and long warm to hot summers (temperatures 13-25 oC). It can be cold but snow usually falls only in the mountains.
The oldest, largest and one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. Built around one of the world’s most dazzling harbors
There is no doubt that the most dazzling Harbor Bridge and Opera House are world renowned; but there is also the city’s first class restaurants, sparkling beaches and fantastic shopping
With a population of over four million people, every culture and nationality is represented and catered for within the city. There are specialty food, cultural clothing stores and restaurants from every nation
Sydney enjoys a temperature ranging between 9 oC and 17 oC and a warm summer, average temperature ranging between 16 oC and 25 oC 
Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and the capital of Queens land; it is full of vitality, colors and plenty of options weather you are shopping, art, dining out or simply enjoying the beautiful Brisbane rivers.
The weather in Brisbane is comfortable and sub-tropical with brilliant hot summers and clear mild winters. The summer maximum temperature is generally around 30 oC, while the winter is mild and very pleasant. Most winter days are sunny with average temperature of around 17 oC.
Hot favorite courses to study in Australia
Diploma of Nursing
  • Course duration : 1.5 years to 2years
  • After completion of diploma you can study degree program is university
  • Total fees A$ 15,00 (Approx)
  • College provide 360 hours of clinical experience
  • IELTS : 5.5 bands
  • After successful completion of course Permanent Residence ship (PR) is sure
  • Students while studying diploma can earn A$ 12 to A$ 15 per hour
  • After completion of diploma students can earn A$ 25,000 / year while studying fulltime undergraduate study
  • After completion of degree one can earn A$ 35,000 / year
  • The accounting courses prepare students to perform accounting duties. Students develop knowledge in supervising and controlling accounting system, maintaining internal control system, preparing financial statement for reporting entities, analyzing business performance, prepare tax returns and managing small teams.
  • Minimum IELTS requirement : 5.5 bands
  • After completion of course student can get professional registration after which permanent Residency (PR) is sure
  • One can earn around A$ 40,000 /Annum after completion of course
Hospitality Management (with commercial cookery patisserie)
  • Hospitality management course are design to give students the confidence and skill required to enter the exciting hospitality industry. Students learn Skills in Front Desk Reception as well as a broad range of management skill required to successfully manage a hospitality operation or business unit.
  • This course is high in demand in Australia and students can become Permanent Residency (PR) after completion of course.
  • Minimum IELTS requirement : 5.5 Bands
  • Earning opportunity up to A$ 45,000 / Annum
To get more information about any of the above courses or any other courses please contact our office personally or by phone/e-mail.
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